Weight Loss Guide for Humans

Follow this weight loss guide for Humans. You are a Human Being in the 21st Century, intelligent, special, and overweight.

You drive your vehicle to go almost everywhere, you take escalators or elevators to go up and down floors, you sit and watch TV, you sit at your computer, you sit and read, you do all this non activity since it makes your life easier.

Problem is it doesn’t make your life Healthier.

These things compounded by the fact that every other commercial is about food, the sheer number of Restaurants, super Markets, Convenient Stores, and even Gas Stations selling food makes it apparent that food is plentiful so eat, eat, eat.

There is absolutely no wonder so many of us are overweight.

When reading the weight loss guide for Humans you need to think of yourself as two beings:

#1- the first part is the mind part of us, this is the part that separates us from other animals (sometimes when I see how smart my cat is I wonder about this).

#2-The second part is the part of us that is classified as animal and connects us to the animal kingdom.

You don’t have to stop driving, you don’t have to stop eating and you don’t have to go hungry, what you need to do is to make different choices. It’s about treating the part of you that is classified as animal so that animal can survive. To survive in the wild you need to be on the move (more active), make choices that keep you safe, staying alert to hunt another day. If you really have had enough of being overweight, the most important thing is to realize that you and only you have to be accountable to yourself and make different choices to protect the animal within. If you have to eat chocolate eat dark chocolate some of the time until you get used to eating it most of the time. Eat smaller meals more frequently. Eat whole grain instead of white or whole wheat breads. Eat berries instead of candies. Eat nuts and cheese instead of carbohydrates. It’s about different choices.

The end result is looking in peoples eyes and instead of seeing pity you see ” what a great story “.


Along with making different weight loss choices in food you also need to be more active.

This doesn’t mean that you have to start exercising until you drop it means that little by little you need to change the way you spend your time when your “relaxing.”

You need to make weight loss choices to walk in place, or walk up and down stairs, or walk around the block, or walk in the park, or walk on a tread mill, or walk any way that makes sense to YOU, and you should start little by little.

Just like trying to succeed in life, you can’t start at the top, its small steps that make you successful and its the same with weight loss.